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Maillie LLP is a “Top 25” Accounting Firm as ranked by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Industry Benchmarking

Know Where You Stand.

To make intelligent and insightful decisions about the financial planning of your business or organization on a day-to-day operational level, it’s critical that you understand trends and conditions in the economy and in your industry. Industry Benchmarking is a process that delivers that industry data to you. Maillie LLP goes one step further, by interpreting this data and presenting it in plain language that enables you to move more rapidly and confidently in applying the information to your business decisions.

We have access to the largest source of industry data for privately held companies, providing insight into your industry’s key data and ratios, updated daily for maximum accuracy. Our analysis includes Key Performance Indicators and multi-year industry trends. We track a variety of different performance ratios and growth rates for a very detailed and industry-specific comparison. We can also customize the analysis by region, state, time frame and sales range to compare you to other private companies of similar size and scope. This helps create a picture of your business as it compares to others in areas including liquidity and sales and profitability.

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