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Please note, as of November 2017, these actions are based on current tax rules and may change with future tax reform.

The time to consider tax-saving opportunities for your business is before its tax year-end. Some of these opportunities may apply regardless of whether your business is conducted as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, or regular corporation. Other opportunities may apply only to a particular type of business organization.

This Tax Letter discusses proposed tax reform legislation and is organized into sections discussing year-end, and year-round, tax-saving opportunities for:

  •     All businesses
  •     Partnerships, limited liability companies, and S corporations
  •     Regular (C) corporations

Tax planning for businesses also requires consideration of the tax consequences to the individual owners. Accordingly, we suggest you also review our November Tax Letter entitled 2017 Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals.

Download the 2017 Year-End Tax Planning Letter for Businesses here