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A winning combination: QuickBooks + your marketing platform

QuickBooks® is a popular business accounting software program. There are also a number of marketing platforms that businesses can use to stay in touch with customers. Using these tools in tandem may allow your organization to synchronize customer data and bridge the gap between the finance and marketing departments. This gives insight into customer purchasing habits that may help drive subsequent marketing campaigns.

Here’s an overview of the benefits of using QuickBooks with marketing platforms:

Consolidated view of the customer. Integrating sales figures into marketing allows your company to develop data-driven marketing campaigns. For example, if a customer’s purchasing activity increases, a targeted marketing campaign that offers volume discounts could lead to additional revenue. Likewise, this combination could help your business track analytics, such as return on investment and click-through rates, from marketing programs.

More timely, targeted messaging. A marketing platform can help segment your customer base. This can allow your business to deliver strategically timed messages that target a specific audience. For example, you could send new customers promotional emails based on recent purchases. Or you could offer discounts to reengage with existing customers who haven’t made a purchase in the last 90 days.

Enhanced engagement monitoring. A centralized view of a customer’s transactions and interactions with marketing emails can provide a window into their connection with your organization. This can identify satisfied customers and those who may take their business elsewhere. For example, if a customer opens every email and clicks on the links, that shows a high level of engagement. If a customer deletes emails without opening them, it may be cause for concern.

Refined marketing campaigns. Analyzing financial and marketing data together allows your business to monitor the impact of its marketing campaigns in real-time. For example, if the first email of a marketing campaign fails to generate revenue, you can pause the process and revisit your messaging. Conversely, if an email generates significant revenue, that information could justify investing more in subsequent emails with similar messaging.

Using QuickBooks with your marketing platform may provide your business with new perspectives and insight into your customers’ buying patterns, unmet needs and connection to your brand. It can also provide actionable intelligence to facilitate deeper, mutually beneficial relationships with new and existing customers. Contact us for help getting the most out of data from these tools at your organization.

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